York Art Gallery

6 June – 2 October 2022

An immersive sound journey to explore your relationship with the water, within you, around you and beyond you
IN-UN-DA-ME is the inaugural project of the new multidisciplinary studio 4th of February, in a part guided meditation, part sound walk, audiences will experience a binaural, sensory and individual moment with the water in and around them.

The piece explores the story of a flood, told by a father to a daughter. We, the artists, have shared our own personal stories with flooding and undertaken research about natural disasters, environmental crimes and different cultural treatments of water – to tell a tale of caution, of responsibility, of respect and love – of how we must treat the world’s waters and are fellow humans.

The piece starts with an outdoor installation, a piece of visual art, that acts as an homage to water. Audiences will then be invited to scan a QR code and use their own phone and headphones to work through the experience, in a guided walk, ending at the water, where they will sit and listen to this story and then continue their own journey along the river.

Rooted in respect for the natural world and meditation, IN-UN-DA-ME interweaves storytelling, art and mindfulness, the result being a unique audience experience; connecting each person to themselves, what’s directly around them, and the universal issues faced by our world’s waters.

This experience takes audiences on an immersive journey through the museums gardens down towards the river Ouse where they will get a unique experience, hearing our story and looking at the ever changing water, meaning on any given day the natural world will act as a stage and present itself in different forms for every individual audience member.

IN-UN-DA-ME is a project directed by York born, Cordelia Grierson and her collaborators on this project are:
Shalini Adnani
Mauro Zanolli
Beanie Bhebhe
Sofia Lucarelli
Victor Esses
Nandi Bhebhe