York Art Gallery

Anthony Shaw has been collecting art for over 40 years and his collection is on long term loan to York Museums Trust.

Shaw is particularly drawn to work that explores the sculptural and painterly qualities of clay.

Shaw has always felt that his collection is most at home in a domestic environment and he has worked with the ceramist Martin Smith to develop a domestic-style space in which to show his collection.

Taking the form of two rooms, Shaw places his objects on furniture, between books on shelves, in front of paintings and he invites visitors in to share the experience of living with a collection.

Current Display: Children Curate

Anthony Shaw’s impressive collection of art was assembled over a 40-year period and is on long-term loan to York Art Gallery.

Anthony believes his collection looks best displayed in domestic spaces, allowing for dialogue between artists. Visitors to his intimate domestic display space are invited to imagine what it is like to live alongside a collection of art.

In this remarkable new display, Anthony invited 28 Year Six children from Burton Green Primary to become Guest Curators and create their own exhibition using his collection.

The children also made their own artwork in response as part of a series of workshops led by artist Susan Halls. This imaginative and surprising new work sits alongside the items that inspired their creation.

‘Children Curate’ is included in the York Art Gallery admission price.