York Art Gallery

The national guidelines for the reopening of museums and galleries has meant that, unfortunately, the fantastic exhibition Human Nature has now closed.

The exhibition, created in partnership with York Mediale, had a brilliant response when it opened in October 2020 and the Mediale and York Art Gallery teams had hoped many more people would be able to experience the triptych of digital installations this year, having extended the run. However the guidelines mean this is no longer possible.

For those who were unable to see the show, click here to see some of the videos of the works and interviews with the artists.
The Tides Within Us is going on to form a central piece of MLF’s larger installation opening this summer as part of Coventry City of Culture 2021. More information can be found here on their website, tickets will go on sale in April.
Rachel Goodyear, whose work Limina was in the show is the featured artist in the newly published Vitamin D3 – Today’s Best in Contemporary Drawing by Phaidon and has a new publication by Corridor 8 entitled Rachel Goodyear – Of Wolves and Wild Women. Her postponed solo exhibition at Leeds Arts University Gallery is due to take place this summer.

A triptych of installations under the banner of Human Nature come together as the ambitious centrepiece of York Mediale 2020.

Jointly curated by York Mediale and York Museums Trust, visitors discovered how the human body is hardwired, synchronised and inextricably linked to nature.

Fresh from their show at the Saatchi Gallery in London, Marshmallow Laser Feast’s new installation Tides Within Us explored the journey of oxygen from lungs to the heart and body in a series of installations that echo natural ecosystems.

Embers and the Giants from Canadian media artist Kelly Richardson makes its UK premiere, a short film examining human intervention on nature, referencing the destruction of forest areas and dwindling numbers of fireflies.

Celebrated fine artist Rachel Goodyear continued her exploration into animation-based work with Limina, a series of new animations complemented by delicate drawings displayed alongside a newly conserved marble sculpture from York Art Gallery’s collection. Collectively, her work offers an intriguing glimpse into the psyche and fragments of the unconscious.