York Art Gallery

24 March – 4 June 2023
Free admission
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Art has the power to unite. It is transformative. It takes us to new places, and introduces us to new cultures, but most importantly, it reminds us of our humanity. We see and understand creativity as a form of expression and a way to convene, discuss and make sense of the present moment, at this critical juncture in history.

The Aesthetica Art Prize brings together 21 award-winning artists who invite you to explore, discover and engage with themes from our rapidly changing world; including the ethics of representation, mass digitisation, globalisation, diasporic identities and the continuing threats posed by the climate crisis.

Genres include painting, photography, sculpture, video and installation.

For the first time the exhibition will also incorporate part of the Artist’s Garden behind York Art Gallery with The Red Bags (2022) by Scotland-based artist Bea Last. The eye-catching installation is both a reaction to and a statement of issues affecting society at large, such as war, displacement and the climate crisis.

The Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition runs between 24 March and 4 June 2023 and is a testament to shared creativity in a time of rapid change. Entry to the exhibition is free.


Please be aware that this exhibition includes a film with images of graphic violence.
It also includes the display of works that respond to climate change and the legacy of slavery.