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David Hockney: Bigger Trees Near Warter

12 February - 12 June, 2011

Hockney at work - a still from Bruno Wollheim

Hockney at work - a still from Bruno Wollheim's film

David Hockney's painting Bigger Trees Near Warter, on loan from Tate, is the largest painting the artist has ever produced and measures 40 x 15 feet (12 x 4 metres).

Featuring two copses, a huge sycamore tree, buildings and early flowering daffodils, the painting comprises of 50 individual canvas panels and takes inspiration from a site at Warter in the Yorkshire Wolds.

Painted en plein air (outside) in six weeks, the artist used digital technology to help him complete the painting, creating a computer mosaic of the picture which enabled him to 'step back' and see it as a whole.

Art in Yorkshire

Art in Yorkshire - supported by Tate

The exhibition is the highlight of Art in Yorkshire - supported by Tate, a year-long celebration of the visual arts in 19 galleries throughout Yorkshire. Works from Tate's Collection of historic, modern and contemporary art will be showcased through a compelling programme of exhibitions and events.

It will is the first time the Hockney painting has been seen outside London in the UK. Films, including Bruno Wollheim's documentary A Bigger Picture, showing Hockney at work, will be shown in the same gallery, alongside additional information on how Hockney created his incredible painting

Wollheim will be attending an exclusive screening of his film on 3 March, 2011, and answering questions afterwards. Click here for more details.

Visit the Tate Britain website here to find out more about this work of art and how Hockney created it.

Visit Hockney's own website here for a great selection his work through the decades.